Quick Tips

The following was written by Rebecca Dvorin, who presented on blogging
during the Social Media Boot Camp.

There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to blogs.

DO always use your own pictures. By taking pictures off of the Internet, this is considered plagiarizing.

DO keep your blog fun and organized. You want your readers to have something eye pleasing to keep them drawn in.

DO link your other social media websites from your organization to your blog. This makes it easier for people to see everything at once.

DO find your focus and target audience. You want people who will help your organization thrive and grow to follow your blog.

DO show your personality.

DO update frequently and when necessary.

DO use links in your posts.

DO respond to blog comments and join other conversations. This shows that your organization is interactive.

DO utilize hashtags. This way, people can access specific blogs in an easier fashion.

DON’T make grammar mistakes.

DON’T be negative or bash other sites/organizations. Having a positive online presence and personality is important.

DON’T plagiarize/steal photos.

DON’T use profanity.

There are also some extremely important and unique tips to make your blog one step ahead of other blogs.

  • You should always optimize, but not too much.
  • Pick one keyword per post–this makes it easier for people to search for a specific topic.
  • Turn readers into viewers/members. You want people to slowly start following all of your blog posts, and eventually become members. Even if they don’t become members, if you can keep people interested in what your organization does, this is a plus.
  • Come up with a realistic schedule for yourself.
  • Make your blog as easy as possible to understand. You don’t want to scare people away.
  • Make your blog worth sharing. There is a culture surrounding each organization– make your organization’s culture stand out! Always ask: Who is going to read your blog? What topics/issues do they care about?

– Rebecca Dvorin, @rdvorin18


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