Setting Up and Maintaining

The following was written by Kaitlyn Zurcher, who presented on blogging
during the Social Media Boot Camp.

When it comes to setting up a blog for your student organization, you have a ton of platform options. Two of the most popularly recommended are WordPress and Tumblr.


WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world, and with good reason. It’s highly flexible with hundreds of ways to customize it and really make it the way you want. You can make it as simple or complex as you want.

One downside to WordPress is that it’s a bit more difficult to really make it interactive for your readers. Unlike some other platforms, the sharing and commenting options are limited, making it pretty one-sided.

I would recommend WordPress for organizations who are planning to write solid text posts and looking to create a hub (read: website replacement) for all of their online presence through the use of pages.


Tumblr is quickly growing in popularity — there are currently 147 million blogs on this platform. Tumblr users are more likely to reblog, like, and share posts, making it extremely interactive. Tumblr also makes it really easy to post different types of blogs (text, photos, video, audio, etc.) and is great for mobile updating.

However, Tumblr isn’t quite as formal or flexible as other platforms. It’s best for high-frequency posters, multimedia elements, and organizations looking to really engage with their readers.

As you create your blog, take the time to think about want you would want out of your organization’s blog, both from the viewpoints of a prospective and current member.

Also, make sure that you don’t go too crazy with the customization so that it’s difficult to hand over control of the blog to future members.

– Kaitlyn Zurcher, @kaitlynzurcher


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