The following was written by Ashley Sprain and Cheyenne Sexton, who presented on gamification during the Social Media Boot Camp.

Gaming, gaming, gaming…. get those orgs gaming!

You don’t have to be a gamer to understand gamification. But, a person should become familiar because it can be beneficial to any student organization. It can be used to help reach an audience and increase member participation, which are key attributes to having a successful organization.

Gamification [gay-muh-fi-kay-shuhn] rhymes with “paymification” [pay-muh-fi-kay-shuhn] and it pays off! No pun intended. It focuses on engaging and motivating the audience and turning extrinsic rewards into intrinsic rewards. Game mechanics include points, levels, challenges, leaderboards and gifts. Gamification is built on a platform of loyalty programs, behavioral economics and game design that unites this social media technique. It only works if content is compelling enough to engage members repeatedly, consistently and with the correct frequency.

How to do it
• Provide immediate rewards
• Encourage high levels of participation and friendly competition
• Create leaderboard

As an organization trying to incorporate gamification, decide what you want!

• Member motivation
• Feedback
• Member satisfaction due to meaningful work
• Engagement
• Fun

Applications that can be used to help increase the bullet points above are Proof! and Foursquare. Each allows leaders to challenge members with “To Do Lists” in which they can set competition throughout the organization. These mobile apps keep track of member participation with leaderboards, badges and rewards. It is an easier way for leaders to gain insight on what their members are attending. They also help with fundraising, where donors can easily check-in at organization events.

For more information on gamification feel free to reach us on Twitter at, @ashleysprain and @CheyenneNSexton.



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