The following was written by Samara Sommer who presented on measurement during the
Social Media Boot Camp. This post originally appeared on Samara’s blog here.

Last week, one of my Public Relations classes held an event for student organizations across the Penn State University campus who were interested in learning more about how to effectively use social media for their student clubs and organizations. I had the opportunity to teach the students about measurement and how it can help to effectively create a strategy for the use of social media.

Using Social Media is key to the success of any club or organization across campus, but without effectively measuring what you are tweeting, posting on Facebookinstagramming and more you will not know if your use of social media is a success or a fumble. Measuring social media content and effectiveness scares off a lot of people – but it is not that hard! Below are some of the the measurement tools and topics that I presented to my fellow students:

To be successful there are three things a club, organization, or brand should take a look at –

1. What YOU do.

2. What OTHERS say about you.

3. What your COMPETITORS do.

To successfully measure these three things it is important to take a look at the following:

– Average Interactions per Post

– Social Interactions

– Follower by Growth of Channel

– Customer (or in this case – Member) Sentiment

– Media Coverage

As you can see there is a lot more that goes into measuring your social media strategy then counting the numbers of likes and comments on a Facebook post!

Check out these slides to learn more and see what I presented during the Social Media Boot Camp Event!

Samara Sommer


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