The following was written by Sam Metz, who presented the Pinterest session
with Kaylee Berger. This post originally appeared on Sam’s blog here.

This past Tuesday, my social media for public relations class held its first social media boot camp for student organizations. A lot of work went into the program leading up to the event and I’m so happy to say that it was a success. The entire class split up into groups of two and presented a form of social media. My partner, Kaylee Berger and I did a presentation on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a relatively new form of social media and we were excited to be able to present this social media during such an exciting time for them. Pinterest is growing and fast but it can sometimes be a little intimidating if you’ve never used the website before.

We were extremely happy to see people step out of their comfort zone and attend our session. Of the people who attended our Pinterest session, only two of the attendees had Pinterest accounts for their organizations while the rest did not had an account at all. Of the two who did have accounts both agreed they were not using it to it’s potential.

Below you can find Kaylee and I’s PowerPoint presentation:

As the presentation concluded, a big question among the attendees was about the male involvement on Pinterest. There is somewhat of a stereotype when it comes to Pinterest, and about it being a website solely used by women. While it seems that women are more drawn to Pinterest, more and more men are starting to use it too. We stressed the importance of posting things that will appeal to both genders. When some guys think Pinterest, they think of outfit ideas and recipes and wedding pin boards, all of which might scare them away. However, Pinterest isn’t just a place to post girly things and breaking that stereotype can help your student club thrive. It can be extremely beneficial way of organizing things that pertain to your organization if used correctly.

It seemed by the surveys we collected after the session was over, all of the attendees found our presentation extremely helpful. It brought them a lot of insight into the world of Pinterest and they feel a lot more confident now to add another platform to their social media use.


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