Using TweetDeck

The following was written by Alyssa Kaplan, who presented on
Twitter during the Social Media Boot Camp.

Twitter is a social media platform that all student organizations should be utilizing. Our presentation below also outlines some easy tips for improving your organization’s account as well as ways to increase follower engagement.


My favorite component of the entire event also involved Twitter. Along with other students in my class live-tweeting the various sessions (We covered a large variety of topics, including gamification and creating a social media strategy!) we encouraged the students attending to tweet along as well, using #PSUsocialpros.

In the presentation, we touched on some tools to enhance your Twitter presence, my favorite being TweetDeck, a tool that all student organization leaders should be using.


Manage Multiple Accounts

Want to be able to stop forgetting which account you are signed into? TweetDeck allows you to easily manage multiple Twitter accounts.

Schedule Tweets

Through TweetDeck, you can easily make sure you send out that meeting reminder a couple hours before the meeting. Scheduling tweets will give you a piece of mind that all your followers stay informed.

Create Custom Timelines

Creating custom timelines with searches related to your organization will allow you to follow along as people mention your organization or related news. You can also create a custom timeline for a popular hashtag related to your organization’s purpose and engage in conversation with people who have been using that hashtag.

Read Your Timeline in Real-Time

No more refreshing! All of your custom timelines will update as tweets are posted.

Utilizing TweetDeck will not only improve your productivity, save time, and make running your organization’s Twitter account a smoother experience, but it will allow you to easily interact with followers and increase engagement. TweetDeck is also extremely easy to use, and is available for Mac, Windows and Chrome.

P.S. Have you checked out Twitter’s 2013 Year in Review yet?


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