The following was written by Jacqueline Till, who presented on Vine
during the video session of the Social Media Boot Camp.

The Social Media Boot Camp featured a session on Vine— a popular six-second video sharing mobile app. Penn State student leaders that attended the session ranked their Vine account as either not effective or did not have an account, as indicated in a survey. After my Vine presentation, I hope that will change.


When making a Vine, keep in mind that it takes more than six seconds to create the video. If you are planning on doing any stop motion or loop features, expect that multiple takes will be required to perfect your Vine. If you are filming a stop motion video- use the ghost tool so you can align each take to the previous one. Also, use a makeshift tripod (put your phone against a book) to keep the camera steady. When filming, be conscious of any distracting background noises and audio quality. Follow Vines that are similar to yours for inspiration. For example, if you work for a newspaper then follow USA Today.


Vine can be shared via Twitter and Facebook.Unlike Instagram video, Vines that are tweeted can be played on the Twitter feed whereas Instagram videos send people to an outside link. Vines can also be embedded in an email or shared with a link (using the copy and paste tool).

Communication with Members

Use Vine to motivate members to attend organization events or seminars. Additionally, it can be used as a reminder about upcoming deadlines, dues and general reminders. Then, embed your Vine into an email and send it to your members.

Communication with Audiences

When you want to reach out to the Penn State community and beyond, Vine can showcase your mission and personality. Build relationships by conducting short interviews or word associations with executive board members. Provide behind the scenes looks that could benefit recruitment efforts. To keep Vine relevant during slow periods in your organization, focus on current events or just general personality posts. Don’t forget to converse with the community by asking questions or requesting feedback in posts.

After the Power Point, I offered ideas for the attendants. I recommended that Penn State Thespians should show off their acting skills with Vines of people’s best angry face or flirtatious waves. Pennharmonics, an a cappella group, can sing scales and utilize the loop feature. Penn State Senior Gift organization can take clips of the best senior gifts on campus and ask people what their favorite was. Student Programming Association can do a mini time lapse of getting ready for a celebrity performer. These few examples prove that any organization willing to put creativity and effort into their Vine accounts can reach their audiences. Use vine to will show off of your members’ work ethic, talent, and fun side.

If you have any questions regarding Vine or would like any creative assistant, email me at



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