The following was written by Brandon Lea, who presented on Youtube during the video session of the Social Media Boot Camp. This post originally appeared on Brandon’s blog here.

Following a successful Social Media Boot Camp, it proves beneficial to look back and see what went well. Presenting on YouTube, I aimed to show very simple ways that clubs and organizations can use this video sharing site.

Upon review of the short evaluations handed out following the event, all attendees were not particularly satisfied with how they are using YouTube. We asked, on a scale of 1-5 how effective do you think your club or organization is using YouTube. Nobody rated higher than 3 and it was great to be able to provide some insight to improve that ranking.

I offered some ideas of ways to use YouTube easily to get your message out. Creating promotional videos for fundraisers, guest speakers, or events was a big topic that I had discussed. A simple YouTube video previewing an event can help create buzz and be shared on all other social media accounts.

The biggest insight that I had presented however was a tool called YouTube Capture. With this client app, users can take video clips with their smartphone, trim and edit video, add even add music to produce an awesome video just in the palm of your hand. Basically everyone that attended the video sharing session had not known of this very beneficial application. With smartphones having 720 and 1080 high definition video, the quality of production with just mobile technology is unmatched.

In conclusion of the event, although it was a short session the participants that attended were very satisfied with what they had learned and could take back great skills to help their organizations and clubs.


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